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Harness the Power of Your Thoughts

Understand and Use Visualization to Achieve the Results You Want by Cindy Key Thoughts  ==>  Beliefs  ==>   Actions  ==>   Results The process is simple.  In fact, so simple that most people overlook or assume there is no value in the process.   Your thoughts drive your beliefs, your beliefs drive your actions, and […]

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Stop Wasting Time! – Create Focus for Yourself

by Cindy Key Without focus, you waste time and energy.  As you assess the vast experience, knowledge, abilities and skills you have gained during your professional career you might be tempted to say, “WOW, there is nothing I could not do!”  This may be true, but without focus it will be more difficult to appeal […]

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Are you sabotaging your career and your future income?

by Cindy Key Almost daily I hear one or more of these:  “The economy is so bad, no one is hiring and I’m waiting for things to improve to look for a job”, or “Things are so bad, I’m discouraged, frustrated, sad and feeling  like I am wasting my time”, or now a new favorite, […]

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Is Your Career Just Floating Down The River?

By Cindy Key Are you a floater or a paddler? Anyone who has spent time on a river knows the difference. Floaters let the river take them and their flotation device wherever it chooses.  They are content to watch the world go by at its own pace—with their progress and direction at the mercy of […]

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