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Accelerate Your Search™ periodically offers this proven program in an affordable group format:

Accelerate Your Search™ Boot Camp

If you are searching for a new position, this 6-week program ensures you have everything you need to rapidly land the job you want at the salary you deserve.

During the Boot Camp you are taken through the Accelerate Your Search™ 3-step proprietary system:

1. Assess your current situation.

  • Assess your skills, experience, interests and strengths
  • Discover the environments in which you excel
  • Clarify your career vision and goals

2. Create a competitive advantage action plan

  • Outline your marketing plan and assess your marketing materials
  • Establish a search schedule and completion date
  • Learn how to target specific employers, engage your network and connect with opportunities
  • Explore how to research invisible opportunities

3. Set up an execution strategy. 

  • Launch your marketing plan
  • Effectively take action each and every day
  • Put metrics in place to evaluate your progress

When you invest in this proven, no-nonsense approach you will master the strategies and techniques you need to Accelerate Your Search™ in these tough economic times.  You can differentiate yourself from the pack.  Skilled, talented professionals in many occupations are winning in today’s competitive marketplace.  People find their dream jobs every day!

For information on the next Accelerate Your Search™ Boot Camp and other upcoming events, contact us.