Career Strategies – Actionable Coaching to Improve Career Results

  • Are you struggling to land the job you want?
  • Do you long for more satisfaction from your career?  To have a job that truly utilizes your strengths?  To be more valued for what you do?
  • Does it feel as though you have been searching for a new position forever, wasting valuable time and energy, yet nothing seems to match your skills and interests?
  • Does your current position leave you unfulfilled and burnt out?  You’d like to search for something new but feel completely overwhelmed and are worried you won’t be able to match your current salary?

Accelerate Your Search™ is your solution!  We understand the frustration, the worry and the stress that comes along with searching for a job or working toward that promotion that just never seems to happen. Looking for a new job or advancing your career does not need to be a slow, painful process.  We’re here to help you get “unstuck” and move you into a new position quickly and easily.

Whether you are a mid-level manager, striving to reach the executive suite or you’ve recently been down-sized and are facing your first job search in many years or you are the manager who is always looking out for your team members and neglecting yourself and your own career goals in the process, Accelerate Your Search™ provides proven career management strategies to improve your search results.

The three step Accelerate Your Search™ process helps you achieve rapid results by:

  1. Assessing your current situation.  Where are you currently?  Where do you want to be?  What’s next for you and your career?  What is the right fit for you now and 10 years from now?  Do you have career-marketing materials that promote you in a credible and distinctive way or do they need to be created?
  2. Creating an action plan.  How will you get in front of the people who need to know about you?  What is the quickest path to get from where you are to where you want to be?  How do you manage future positions so you don’t end up in this situation again?
  3. Setting up an execution strategy. What are going to do every single day to execute your plan?  How will you measure your results?

Our research shows most people spend more time planning a vacation or an electronics purchase than planning their next career step.  Whether you are seeking a promotion, contemplating an external move or wanting to move from unemployed to employed, your skills don’t stay valuable unless you figure out how to keep them current – and you know how to market and communicate your strengths to the people doing the hiring!

Through self-study programs, workshops and individual coaching Accelerate Your Search™ helps you identify your marketable skills, communicate those skills to your potential (or current) employer and align your talents with your career goals.

A career misstep, or months of unemployment, can be costly.  Failing to manage your search or promotional path may result in the loss of income, or worse yet, land you in a position you loathe.

When you invest in this proven, no-nonsense approach you will have the keys to career management success – with less stress, improved results and never settling for less than you are worth.  The bottom line is you need an experienced partner to help you align your strengths, values and personal vision to create your individualized career management strategy.

Accelerate Your Search™ is just that partner.  We look forward to helping you land the job you want or plan your next career move.  To learn more about Accelerate Your Search™ career services, click here.