Success Stories

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for Cindy Key and her on-going efforts to prepare me for a “new” way of thinking about job hunting.  Cindy’s professionalism, outstanding coaching skills, and genuine interest in my personal job-hunting experience help instill confidence that I can find the “right” job on my terms.  The following techniques and services have been particularly valuable over the past month.

  • Professional resume assistance
  • Telephone interviewing
  • In-person interviewing
  • How to “ask”
  • How to “network”
  • How to get to the decision makers
  • The top interview questions and how to prepare yourself to answer them
  • Targeting the “right” industries
  • Overall coaching

I was employed for 35 years at one company, when I was laid off. Before I met Cindy, I was lost. The entire job search was as foreign to me as a new language. Cindy’s approach to career coaching is what I like to call “tough love”. She tells it like it is, and makes you work at finding your inner self or personal brand. She has a vested interest in the success of others. Cindy is insightful and thought provoking, providing me with a solid framework to be successful in my career search. I am grateful for her tutelage.

–James Terry

Thanks for the kind and encouraging words. I can’t begin to tell you the impact you’ve had in helping me turn a bad situation into a positive learning experience. I look forward to working with you in the future and the challenges that lie ahead.

Thanks again for all of your help!


Your insights and guidance are extremely valuable as I start my marketing campaign….

Working with you has really helped me see things clearly and be focused on what I want to do.

Thanks for everything.


Thanks all of the help that you gave me during this search and transition. It was truly a pleasure getting to know and working with you. Your insights really helped me make some difficult decisions that I am sure now will be for the better. I will always be available to you any time and anywhere that I go. I look forward to working through my new job transition with you soon.



Developing a branding statement had the most impact on my marketing campaign.

Thanks again for all your support and help through this difficult transition.

–Brenda Austin


Cindy is the best of the best! She is very knowledgeable and responsive. She truly cares about people. Your techniques helped 2 minute resume; SAR’s; follow-up letters; 2 column response to job postings; Updated Resume. I honestly cannot think of anything (to improve). Everyone has been great to work with and most helpful.

–Ray L.

I would recommend Cindy to others because she is extremely knowledgeable about the tools and techniques needed to optimize your career search. She helps you to clearly define your strengths and the ways to market those to potential employers. Above all, Cindy becomes a member of your team to help you successfully define and meet your goals.

The techniques learned that assisted me in securing my position –Branding Statement, resume writing, phone contact, generating contacts, formulating a job search strategy, specific follow-up techniques and templates, pressing for on-site interviews, interview preparation, and salary negotiations.


Cindy Key is an exceptional consultant. She has been very helpful, is personable, thorough, and knowledgeable. Cindy followed-up with me on a consistent basis each time I requested assistance. On some occasions, she contacted me just to touch base to check on my progress. Cindy has a high energy level that keeps you upbeat, gives you a positive attitude and helps motivate you to move in the right direction.



Thanks again for all your help to get me focused on the things right in front of me. I am juggling a lot of balls in the air … working on those plans…

You a great inspiration to me as I need someone who doesn’t sugarcoat things or tells you what you want to hear, but gets right to the point!!


If you’re considering working with Cindy, hire her. You’re stupid if you don’t. She will have your attributes and the ways you can help your desired company jump off the page at them. The way she is able to put it all together and make an employer feel antsy about getting you on their team is magical. Just hire her.

–Kim Capps Judd
Marketing Director and Client Support

Thanks Cindy for help through this long and challenging process.

Best Regards, Rick Guarente

“Cindy is a highly effective coach and very perceptive business partner. Her ability to quickly and accurately determine skills, competencies as well as areas for development is amazing. More importantly for me she was able to develop a focused project plan along with a detailed coaching contract for us to follow. This provided the high level of structure I required to keep me on track and to ensure a successful outcome from our coaching sessions. Working with Cindy was a real pleasure and with her guidance and support I achieve results which actually exceeded my established goals. She has earned my highest level of recommendation.”

–Traci Lander

“I would recommend Cindy to others because she is extremely knowledgeable about the tools and techniques needed to optimize your career search. She helps you to clearly define your strengths and the ways to market those to potential employers. Above all, Cindy becomes a member of your team to help you successfully define and meet your goals. ”

–Greg Weaver, PMP

“Before I started Boot Camp with you … I was totally unfocused and rather pessimistic about taking part in another form of networking – I was feeling very overwhelmed by the thought but Larry Ragland helped me understand the importance of keeping an open mind.

The biggest plus from the boot camp was I received an offer for a position with a company that fit most of the parameters I had set forth for myself. It is a great opportunity for a new beginning and I will take all the valuable tips and suggestions and priceless information that Cindy shared with all of us to make a positive impact on my new company. Thank you so much – it was a great experience.”

–Regina Tassone

“Before I started Boot Camp with you my job search had no focus or plan and I felt like I was on my own. Some days the job search feels like being in a fight. Having a coach like Cindy Key in your corner will make you stand out from the competition.

If you want to save time and reduce the frustrating false starts in the search for your next position start working with Cindy Key today.”

–WC Potter

In large measure, because of Cindy’s coaching I am more focused, have more self-confidence, and have more direction, professionally and personally.

When Cindy and I began working together, I had been jobless for four months. I thought my job search had been focused and had direction. However, it had become increasingly clear that it was neither; more importantly, I was not making any progress, and I was not sure where to put my efforts or how to re-energize myself. At the same time, I had some personal issues that also served to dampen my resolve. As a result, my self-confidence was beginning to wane.

With Cindy’s assistance and some hard work I have done much to redirect my energies and rebuild my confidence. Through her coaching, I identified specific steps and activities that led to a more organized and productive job search. Moreover, she has helped me clarify my values; this has been a huge benefit in identifying potentially suitable positions. More significantly, it has served as a reminder and helps keep me focused on what is important in my life.

–Rick Elias

“Cindy is a great coach and friend whom I’ve recommended to any newly unemployed contacts along my journey. This has helped me focus my search, although she gave me this assignment in a very condensed version during one of our first meetings (& I didn’t realize it until this bootcamp, when I came across the paper that I jotted down her questions & my answers months earlier on Sal’s deck over a coke & pizza!!) ……and that “ideal job” that I described is where I landed part time in August, & is quite busy this March & hopefully onward.”

–Sue Roy

“Before I started Boot Camp with you … I was working on a job search daily through all means (job boards, newspapers, classes, networking weekly (often daily), but without a good marketing concept. … I believe that Cindy Key does work miracles (even if some have not found jobs yet) and that she truly unlocks lots of human potential every day.”

–S J Madruga

“ I was floundering, you helped me focus, but I am still unsure of what I am telling myself. What I think I am saying is that I don’t want to do what I was doing any more. What came out is that I want to help and interact with people. That I want a job that ends at the end of the day. I don’t want to take it home with me. None of us know how long we have to live, but whatever time I have left I want to enjoy. I realize I haven’t enjoyed my life in a long time.


Cindy is someone that gives all of herself to those of us trying to find the job we want and the job we deserve. She will always get back to you and bends over backwards to accommodate your needs and time constraints. Cindy keeps her eye on the goal and sometimes has to push you a bit to keep focused and moving forward. You know you are a winner when you have Cindy on your team.

–Pat Chalfin

“Cindy Key’s Boot Camp has given me the tools and the confidence to proactively and much more effectively go after what I want in a job, and to find the places that need my skills rather than wait for those employers to post a position to fill their need. No other coaching or networking experience that I have had has been as helpful in so short a time.


For the first time I feel like I am now in full control of my job search, targeting companies I want to work for, finding ways to research them, and ultimately learning how to contact those who have the power to create a position and hire me to solve the problems that I enjoy addressing. Thank you, Cindy!”

–Mike Chase

“When I first began my search I was out of focus, frustrated and wasting a lot of time. When I met Cindy Key and began to trust her advice and guidance, I started to focus and my frustration began to go way. The more I worked with Cindy the more I came to realize my potential.”

–Julio A. Pinheiro, Banking

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for Cindy Key and her on-going efforts to prepare me for a “new” way of thinking about job hunting. Cindy’s professionalism, outstanding coaching skills, and genuine interest in my personal job-hunting experience help instill confidence that I can find the “right” job on my terms.”

–Mark E. Wheeler, IT Professional

“I was a lot more Unfocused on my career search. Bootcamp really helped me to KNOW what I want and focus on that – NOT just what I know I can do. Will I be happy with just anything? NO It revitalized me as well and has taught me how to research companies, etc. It has also taught me how to ‘brand’ myself and try to make an impression on people so they remember me.


All I can say is that I found this to be extremely beneficial. It truly helped me to understand that I have the ability to ‘unlock’ my potential and get it out there for the benefit of the rest of the world! It gave me the confidence to propel forward, and I really did learn so much about myself along the way – and I keep learning!


I also have to say that Cindy is one of the best coaches I have ever encountered. She has a very full schedule, but is absolutely sincere and always lets us know she is available to us personally for coaching and this is because she TRULY wants to help us with what we need – not because she wants a fat paycheck…”

–Cheryl Santarelli
Account Management/Client Relationship Management, MBA

“I would highly recommend my consultant, Cindy Key. Cindy coached and counseled me effectively by drawing out my strengths and relevant background as we worked through the process. She assisted me in not limiting my options and I landed a great opportunity as a result of this line of thinking. I learned the importance of quantifying results through the SARs techniques. I learned to develop and maintain a contacts list and use this effectively. — The services were excellent.”

–Troy Schulz-Behrend, Retail Operations

“Thank you for allowing me to see what I’m really good at and sending me down that path. For you are correct…HR role is not me. Kudos to you … Sincere regards”


“Before I started Boot Camp with you, I was not very disciplined in my job search process, and spent too much time reading and responding to job postings rather than contacting possible employers. Some days I just got busy with things to do around the house, and didn’t do job search work at all.


And although I had a good idea of the type of job I wanted, I too often got distracted and responded to postings that were no longer the best fit for me – even though I’d done the work before. In some areas I just was no longer as competitive as those who have been doing those roles more recently, but was still hopeful that I would have a chance at that job. In short, my search was more hopeful than effective.”



“I have to say that I’ve seen a number of “training” events over the years. The outcomes always seemed to be the same – go to the meetings, have some round table discussion and then back to work. I simply was not pleased with the long-term impact, the ROI on the dollars invested in facilities, refreshments and salaries. Employees just didn’t seem to retain and use the information.


This process is different. I could see impact in a short period of time. Further, the improvements lasted well beyond the last meeting. Employees’ habits and attitudes have changed for the better. The improved results and productivity more than justified the investment.”

–Mark Andrew, VP